Solving Electrical Control System Problems

Spyder Controls has been providing smart electrical control system solutions for 20 years. Spyder offers a wide range of digital switching, control and monitoring systems.

Product (Innovation)

Spyder Controls’ innovative and reliable designs are the electrical foundation for many OEM’s in the RV, marine industries, specialty vehicle and heavy equipment industries.

We meet customer’s needs by designing application specific solutions, not selling product adaptations. Our breadth of products includes a broad line of touchscreen and keypad user interfaces, electronics control modules and panels, power distribution systems and a number of sensor technologies. Contact us today to find out more about our design capabilities and our existing product offerings.     

Production (Precision)

Spyder Controls’ thorough attention to details in the design, production and testing procedures ensures we provide each OEM customer superior quality products.

We maintain strict quality control through meticulous and repeated testing in our production procedures. Also, our network of ISO-certified suppliers and manufacturing partners ensures consistent product quality, on-time deliveries and lead times.

Service (Dependable)

The foundation of our business at Spyder Controls is in our service and support. We back every product we build with personal service and customer support. We also provide continuous training and support at the manufacturing level and at OEM and dealer service centers throughout North America.